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Historical Society Drenthe

The Historical Society Drenthe (DHV) is a regional Society for History and Genealogy in the Province of Drenthe in the Netherlands.
This website aims to offer an informative and up to date platform to anybody:
- who wants to know more about the DHV and its activities
- in search of information or sources focused at Drenthe’s history
- who in the framework of his or her genealogical activities is focusing especially at information or sources concerning their family in the Drenthe region.
Since already very much information is available on the internet we don’t want to duplicate that, but primarily aim to offer an overview with many links to those sources.

As target groups we have particularly in mind:
- Dutch persons interested in Drenthe’s history or genealogy in general
- Foreigners interested in Drenthe’s history or genealogy (especially descendants from emigrants to Canada, US, Australia or persons in the German border regions)
- DHV members who want to remain informed about the activities of the History and Genealogy sections and also those of the many local Historical associations.

The web page "Links" can guide you to many other websites with information related to Drenthe history or genealogy that may be of interest if you (still) master the Dutch language to a certain extent. Maybe the address list of the local historical societies in the province of Drenthe with contact information and links to their websites may be of use for search activities.

Unfortunately, all information on this site is in Dutch. For those who are interested in family search and don't master the Dutch language at all or only a little bit we made a brief explanation under this link to the main sources that may help you in your family search.

Everyone interested in our province and living in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, the United States, or in any other country, is invited to become a member.
As a member you can ask for assistance with questions and become actively engaged in our society activities. We welcome any information you may have on immigrants who have their roots in the Province of Drenthe.

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